15th Nov – Mark Devlin Musical Truth Tour Pt.2 at The Lichfield Social Club


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Mark Devlin Musical Truth ‘Sound Bites’ Tour Part Two at The Lichfield Social Club

WHAT: Mark Devlin continues his talk about his ‘Musical Truth’ book series.

WHEN: Wednesday the 15th November 2023.

WHERE: The Lichfield Social Club, Netherstowe, Lichfield WS13 6TS

Doors open 6.30pm, talk starts at 7pm, Q&A at 9.35pm and ends around 10pm. Includes book signing.
Tickets are available here online and from the social club (cash or card). If you prefer cash – use the contact form on this website to ask us to reserve ‘cash on the door’ tickets for you.

To most people, the music industry represents a source of harmless fun and entertainment. Beneath the glossy veneer, however, lies the devastating truth of who really controls these institutions, and the deeply malevolent agendas for which they’re being used.

Musical Truth ‘Sound Bites’ Tour Part Two – The Occult aspects of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones

Were the Beatles really four regular lads from Liverpool who, against all the odds, just happened to become the most popular and influential group of all time? Or is there more to know about how they achieved their fame, and what their ultimate role was at the hands of the occult practitioners who really control the corporate music industry?

The same questions can be asked of their “rivals” the Rolling Stones. The two groups were actually good friends, and those same links to dark occult ritual and military intelligence crop up with Mick Jagger and his bandmates also.

Mark Devlin is a long-standing DJ, author, researcher and public speaker. In his live events he exposes the true nature of the music industry and its objectives, how these agendas fit into the much wider picture of what’s really going on in the world, and – crucially – how the power lies with us to bring it all to an end.

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